Christina: “A real Tyrolean girl”

She stood on skis for the first time at the age of three, last summer she worked in dirndl at the legendary Seidlalm and her favourite après-ski song is “Schifoan” by Wolfgang Ambros. So to call our Christina a real “Tyrolean Madl” is by no means an exaggeration. The young regional ski instructor is already whizzing across the slopes of Kitzbühel for the fifth season in beautiful element3 blue and thrills young and old with her open and funny manner. Those who are lucky enough to call Christina their ski instructor not only learn how to make the finest turns in the snow, but also how to party après ski and still be fit and early on the slopes the next morning. Whether the Jochberger dances her legs loose from skiing in her favourite pub, the “Spoho”, or takes to the mountain early in the morning is not a question for her. As she tells us, skiing is, after all, “the best pick-me-up after an après-ski night.” Best make up your own mind about the likeable 25-year-old. We asked her a few questions.

1. your hobbies?

Travel, cook and eat

2. what do you do in the summer?

Every year something new, this summer I worked at the famous Seidlalm, the 6 years before I always spent abroad.

3. your favourite list in Kitz?

My favourite slope in the ski area is the valley run in Jochberg. I learned to ski at the Wagstätt lift and this is still my favourite place to ski.

4. favourite restaurant in Kitz and what do you eat there?

Seidlalm. Not only because I used to work there. They make the best “Kasspätzle”. But I try not to eat them every day.

5. Aprés ski or first gondola?

Both, skiing is the best pick-me-up after an après-ski night


6. best après ski restaurant?

Definitely the Spoho, I just always have a fun evening there

7. worst aprés ski song?

They’re all not really good, but at Aprés Ski it doesn’t matter. The main thing is that you can sing (or shout) along well.

8. what are the no-go’s on the slopes?

When people slide down the slope with skis in their hands. If you have or had a good ski instructor, you never have to take your skis off.

9. fashion no-goes on the slopes?

Jeans. Ski pants are simply a must.

10. powder or piste?

Depends on the mood of the day, I love both.

11. bluebird or snowfall?

Snowfall, the more snow the better and usually there is less activity on the slopes on this day.

12. what was your best moment with element3 so far?

The friendships I have made are forever. I also went on a summer holiday with my element3 girls.

13. can you remember a guest you taught at element3 particularly well?

I skied with a group of kids a few years ago and whenever I see them, the best memories of fun times come up. I rarely had so much fun skiing and teaching. I always have fond memories of that.

14. 3 tips you would give to skiers who want to improve their skills?

Always stay relaxed, enjoy the day and ride with a lot of feeling.

15 Kaiserschmarrn or Wiederschnitzel?

Kaiserschmarren, but always as a dessert to share.

16. hunter’s tea or hot chocolate?

Hot chocolate always lifts your spirits.

17. What do you love most about your job as a ski instructor?

That every day is different, you can learn something from every guest and I always get to be in the fresh air. But the best thing is the view I get to enjoy every day.

18. You can spend a day skiing with Hansi Hinterseer, Lindsey Vonn or Marcel Hirscher. Who do you choose?

Hmmmm, tough decision, but I would definitely spend the most fun day with Hansi.

Mona Marko
Mona Marko